People Performance

People form the fundamental pillar of organizational success and the challenge of improving and sustaining performance is like an always-on function.

Skillment’s bouquet of People Performance Programs include interventions that impact both the individual and the team.


 An appropriate operations strategy creates value and provides sustainable competitive advantage. A well oiled operations department gives an organization the flexibility to  allow businesses to provide a diverse range of services and goods in increasingly demanding, complex and dynamic marketplaces.
Skillment’s programs work as the lubricant to the operations’ engine.

Marketing Sales & Customer Care

In the new global market, marketing and sales executives are under pressure to deliver results and at the same time they face  higher customer expectations and a proliferation of new media and sales channels.

Under this category, Skillment offers programs for the customer facing executives in an organization that will equip them to be effective and efficient in this “new” world.

The Skillment Approach to Corporate Training is a distillation of years of experience and learning from the track. Adult learning has its own nuances that are kept in mind before designing and customizing a training program.

To ensure impact and follow through, all Skillment training programs address the following  learning buckets.


This part of the program creates a basic awareness of the theme and its relevance for the employees,  their work, and career progression.

Knowledge Acquisition

This part of the program imparts information about the concepts and skills required for productivity enhancement and achievement of goals.

Skills Observation

This part of the program exposes the participants to samples of highly effective as well as highly non effective modes of skill application.

Skill Practice & Integration

Practice and rehearsal of behavior is carried out through roles plays and games which lead to the integration of knowledge, skills and observation.