The Engineers’ Employability Program

The industry today demands more than just knowledge. Some of the skills demanded by the rapidly growing construction and infrastructure of India are:

  • Knowledge of construction equipment and their functions and the ability to ensure that the equipment is maintained as per standards
  • Ability to schedule preventive maintenance activities and understand breakdown maintenance
  • Ability to communicate and implement safety practices, e.g. ensuring that a net is laid while working in a pit with loose soil
  • Ability to understand and take instructions from project managers
  • Ability to appropriately allocate work to semi-skilled and unskilled workers
  • Ability to effectively communicate with semi-skilled and unskilled workers and articulate project objectives to all
  • Ability to manage skilled and unskilled workers and resolve disputes as and when they arise
  • Ability to supervise and ensure quality of work
  • Understanding of legal issues associated with the industry
  • Ability to communicate well, both spoken and written

The industry expects young engineers to shoulder the responsibility of overall execution and management of the project allotted. Thus over and above these skills, the industry expects the highest level of integrity and an ability to create a sense of trust among. So apart from knowledge, young engineers require a combination of Skills and Attitude to succeed in their career.

Knowledge, Skills and Attitude

Knowledge + Skills + Attitude= Career Growth


The Engineers Employability Program (EEP) has been designed with a view to comprehensively train participants in various aspects of construction project planning and implementation thus addressing the needs of the employer.

Ranging from procurement to reading technical drawings, young engineers are given exposure to various facets of construction projects, making them more knowledgeable, productive and efficient on the job. The course aims at all round development and integrates soft skills needed in an engineer’s work environment into the course curriculum.

The Engineers Employability Program has been developed using the proprietary Skillment Competency Matrix, which was developed after extensive research and consultation with leading construction, infrastructure and project management companies.

These companies recognize the importance of the skills imparted in an EEP environment at the Skillment Training Centre. The same companies assure job placement to the successful candidates.